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Customized service

Came Spa promptly and flexibly provides solutions to specific customer needs. This has been one of the hallmark qualities behind Came Spa’s achievements as a leading company in the electric motor windings sector.



Phase splitters
When specific insulation needs arise according to the windings used (e.g. motors with inverter or gearmotor), Came Spa’s standard solution is to include phase splitters. On request, this solution may be provided for all other types of application.


Vacuum impregnation

Alongside traditional winding impregnation processes, Came Spa can also provide autoclave vacuum impregnation – ensuring the highest insulation and impermeableness standards for windings.


Double and triple impregnation

On request, double and triple impregnation can be provided (for windings to be used in certain specific geographic zones and climate conditions).


Mould design

In order to optimize specific customized order procedures, Came Spa provides full back-up for its customers from the project development stage through to pressing (including the mould design stage).


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